Ready for the Holidays

Peace and Love Everyone!

Hope you are having a blessed week and that your weekend has been fun. This week I blogging about planning and planners.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about planning or planners. So I thought I would take this weekend to catch you up. If you’ve been watching my journey, you know that I’ve been part of the planner world for almost two years now. It’s been one of exploration and fun. I’ve met new people, attended a conference, changed planners, and joined groups.

So, it’s November 2019 about six weeks from the year 2020. I’ve been so excited about using a new planner that I’ve decided to start the planner early. Starting December, I am moving into my latest A5 rings. It’s about exploration for me. I haven’t used a ring planner since college. At the time that I was tracking all the things I needed to do, there weren’t all of the fancy things to make planning more fun. Back then, I didn’t think of printing my pages, and the companies that were out at the time were too costly for just paper. Things have changed a lot since then, and it took me over twenty years before I returned to planning.

When I was looking to get organized again, I bought a planner that I thought was pretty. On each page, there were designs that you could color in. I loved it, but it was so rigid I had no way to adjust based on what I wanted, so I didn’t use it past a few months. It was a year before I tried planning again. Next was bullet journaling. It was cool, but I didn’t want to create each month, and I felt like my images could not live up to what I saw on Pinterest, I became a bit discouraged. So I moved to a Hobonichi this year, and I do love it except it was too much with the day pages and weeks pages, and I still needed pages for other things. I should have added pages where I wanted them to be, but I didn’t think of that until just now writing this. Not only were there pages not where I wanted them, but the stickers I wanted to use didn’t fit.

Earlier this year, I decided to create digitals. I started with flower pages, so you have beautiful pages for functional planning. They were available in the shop for a while. I just let them expire since no one seemed interested. If you’re interested, you can contact me here or DM me on IG.

I’m going to print pages for my rings planner for the Spring. I didn’t use them this year because I was using my Hobo, and I didn’t want to switch to a new book during the year. Right now, I have pages that I have created for my planner. I’ve tried using other planner pages, but I get stuck when it comes to arranging. I will eventually use the pre-printed pages I’ve purchased this year when I figure out what I want to do with them.

This summer, I set up a shop because I wanted to add to the planner community. It seemed the perfect community for a creative person such as myself. So many of the people were multi-talented. How awesome, I thought. For a while, I couldn’t figure out what crafting I wanted to contribute. I started with the digitals, but somehow I don’t feel like that is my niche. There are so many planner shops that create digitals that seem to be very popular in the planner community. I was playing around with them and didn’t think I wanted that to be my contribution. Of course, I will be using some of my digitals for this year’s planning.

Once the digitals didn’t get much attention, I was trying to figure out what I wanted my thing to be. I still didn’t know what I wanted to sell and eventually came up with my page markers. I haven’t worked on my drawing in a while, but being part of the community and loving my laminator lead me to create pocket folders next. I wanted to find a neat way to carry extra stickers and washi cards without filling up the pockets in the front of my planner.

It was some time after I started making folders that I thought of creating petal page markers. I was drawing just to doodle. I wanted to practice again. Then I thought how cool it would be to have the petals on the top corner of the page. Eventually I experimented with Pandas also.

For a few gifts I created matching washi cards.

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the page markers and thought it was a great idea to put them in the shop. I gave a bunch of them out at my first planner conference, and several people told me they love them. So now I have a set ready for Christmas in different colors than what’s available during the rest of the year. My page markers are useful anywhere there is paper. Instead of dog-earing the page, you can use a page marker. So if you’re an avid reader or planner, they are perfect for you. I even started experimenting with a panda page marker. I think they’re adorable. Still, I’m always improving them.

What I noticed as I began to plan is that I wanted to have dashboards that matched my page markers, so in time for the holidays, I created the clear panels that I also made available of my Etsy page. For both the page markers and the dashboards, you pick your color combination. You can even order the two to match.

I am going to post a walkthrough video on IG of my Hobonichi over the next few weeks, and I plan in December, I will show you what I’ve created. I’m also participating in a before Black Friday sale so make sure to follow me, Lettis Planner Things, on Instagram to get the discount code when it’s posted. Want to see what I’m up to as an author, I have an IG for that also.

Until next time…I wish you a well planned and blessed week.

Peace & Love

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