Loving Autumn: Chapter 7

Peace and Love Everyone!

I hope everyone is well and had a good week and weekend.

I can’t complain. Work is work and this Saturday was filled with fun and responsibilities. I got the opportunity to hangout with my son. That was great. It doesn’t happen often but when it does we get to talk about what’s going on with us. And we get to laugh.

This weeks chapter took me a minute to get done. It’s a bit longer than the last few. So even though I started it on Thursday and worked on it a little on Saturday, I realized there were parts that I needed to write before getting to the place I wanted.

It does have some hot moments and definitely a few sentimental ones. I am after all somewhat sentimental.

Without further delay.

Chapter 7

“Ohhh. Hmmm.” I was barely awake. I would have remained asleep had I not felt an intense feeling between my legs. I didn’t know if it was a dream or if this was real. I unconsciously called his name.

“It’s about time you’ve awakened. My tongue was cramping.” Raj hovered over me and smiled.

“Raj, babe. I thought I was dreaming.”


“This is the third morning you’ve woken me like this.”

“Is that a complaint?”

“No. Ahhhh.” I was trying really hard to think but was absolutely distracted by his fingers.

The third morning indeed. I wasn’t sure what Raj was up to. Well, let me not lie to myself. I knew exactly. He was wasting no time. I was just hoping that I wasn’t large with child at my wedding. The last couple of days in celebration of our nuptials moving along, Raj has awakened me each morning by making love to me. I’m not complaining, but a child would severely limit my movement.

“Will you pull out today?”

“I haven’t decided. Should I?”

“Yes, I’m not ready to be pregnant. Please.”

“You’re talking too much. I’m obviously not pleasing you enough.”

With that, all sense went out of the window. I was more than pleased to celebrate with my beloved. I just got the feeling that Raj was rushing us, rushing me due to my last conversation with Charlie. If he were to get me pregnant, that would limit Charlie’s sexual intimacy with me. He knows I’ll pull away from Charlie.

You know, I used to wonder what it would be like to have two men. No longer wondering, and I’m lost in my feelings. I close my eyes and get lost in the love presently surrounding me. I know Raj loves me more than he can say. However, he does express it well.

Raj kissed me ever so gently. “We have to get moving.”

I stretched beside him before moving closer to him. “I’m good.”

Raj chuckled and kissed my forehead. “Panditji will be joining us for breakfast. Well, actually brunch. We’re going to set the engagement date and our wedding date. So get up and get dressed.”

“Does this mean I have to dress nice?”

“You have a few choices in the closet.”

“Wait, what? I only have jeans and t-shirts here.”

“I bought you a couple of sarees and two shalwar kameez. Take your pick.”

“You’re not serious. I knew I would have to wear a sari or shalwar for the engagement party, but just to meet your pandit.”

“I probably should’ve told you sooner. I spoke with baba last night, and he wants everyone that’s home to dress appropriately. I’m not dancing for joy either. I have to wear one also. I thought we’d save the matching one for the engagement party.”

“There’s a matching shalwar?”

“The beige and gold one.”

Now I had to see it. Raj had never objected to the way I dressed at all. He always seemed content no matter what. Now he was dressing me. “Let’s not make this a habit. Okay?” I didn’t think we were going to be ‘that’ couple that liked to dress alike. A few minutes past by without a response, so I walked up behind him. “Raj.”

“I promise it won’t be a daily occurrence.”


“Our wedding outfits are a bit similar. I like it .”

I rolled my eyes and walked back to the walk-in closet. I had often admired Indian clothes but never gave much thought to them. Of course, I never thought that I would date or marry an Indian. I mostly dated brothers. Now I will have to pay attention. I took a deep breath and grabbed the blue shalwar.

“I’m going to wear the blue shalwar. I like the sari, but I have no idea how to wrap it.”

“Okay. Don’t worry, mom will show you. She’s been saying how much she can’t wait to go shopping with you to pick out your wedding sari. So just a heads up.”

I smiled. The thought of picking out a wedding sari seemed so strange to me. I was really getting married to Raj. I smiled as the tears began to fall. I stood frozen with my blue shalwar in front of me as I stared into the mirror.

“You look absolutely beautiful.” Raj kissed me on the cheek and wiped a tear. “Get dressed. We still have to eat.”

I rolled my eyes but smiled. Once I was showered and dressed, I stood to stare in the bathroom mirror, I did look fabulous. I walked out into the sitting room. “So, how do I look?”

Raj walked over to me and gestured. It was usually a gesture a mother did for a daughter to say that she looked beautiful. Hard to describe. I smiled anyway and swatted his arm.

“I bet mom will do that when she sees you.”

“Hey, why aren’t you in full attire?”

“Don’t you think I look handsome?”

“Dashing Raj. Again, full attire.”

“I like just wearing the kurta. It’s a fancy one, don’t you think?”

I was smiling a lot this morning. “Yes, I love the embroidery. Let’s go before bauji comes looking for us.”

The table was set for a fancy brunch with the fine china set in place. Arjun and Anjeli were already seated and speaking with a man at the table I didn’t know. I could only assume it was Panditji.

Seeing us walk to the table, Riya rushed over to greet us. She introduced me to our guest. “Panditji, you already know Raj, this is his friend Autumn, Autumn, Panditji Vishnu Gupta.”

Panditji got up from his seat at the table and walked over to us. “Namaste.” He greeted with a slight bow. Both Raj and I returned the greeting.

I must say it was an interesting brunch. Not the usual talk of business and events of the week. Panditji monopolized the conversation about marriage and relationships. He was the same priest that married Arjun and Anjeli. He wanted to make sure that they were doing well.

Panditji Gupta watched me a lot during brunch. He observed every move and response I made to Raj. I wasn’t aware of it at first. But when my eyes caught his and he nodded I noticed he often watched Raj and I. Raj fused over me. Making sure I had enough to eat and drink, brushing stray hairs from my face and finally pulling my hair back into a knot when he got tired of me pushing it behind my ear.

For us, there was nothing odd about it, but everyone watched in ahhh. I guess Raj and I had never really been ourselves here. Now that I was accepted, his reaction to me was palpable and evident.

“Sorry, I don’t usually wear my hair down. It tends to have a mind of its own.” I said when I looked up to everyone watching us. Raj had just gotten up from the table and taken the hair elastic from my hand.”

“Raj, are you practicing for girls? Do you two also feed each other?”

“Bauji,” I said, blushing. Everyone laughed to my relief.

We relaxed after that. Mostly eating in silence. Panditji did take the time to remind us that we need to remember to make time for each other. That we shouldn’t get lost in work and neglect each other. Wow, I didn’t think he would know that. Halfway through our relationship, we did do just that. I had projects, and Raj was swamped with clients, and we didn’t see each other. Even sharing meals was overshadowed by work. We promised to remember or at least be opened to our family, reminding us.

After brunch, we moved to the front room to spend some more time with Panditji and discuss what dates were right. Funny thing, he said that the best time for us to get engaged was in a little over a week. If not, we would have to wait for another year and miss our perfect wedding date. The time to get married after that wasn’t soon at all. So we set the engagement and wedding date. We were excited. Riya volunteered to plan the engagement party, and Anjeli said that she would love to help.

The next week went by in a furious blur. I had no idea where the time went. But in a blink of an eye, I was wearing the matching cream lengha to match Raj’s shalwar. When we descended the stairs together, Riya gestured that I was beautiful. I couldn’t help but grin. This was really happening.

I hadn’t forgotten about Charlie, but I wasn’t going to postpone my engagement for him either. Raj and I talked about it, and while he didn’t mind me talking about it, he in no way wanted to share my time or my body with another man. Not even my best friend. That lead to a whole other discussion. Since our lives were hectic enough with deadlines and time trying to fit in, Charlie and maintain our relationship wasn’t going to work long term. He kept asking why add the thorn to our side. I had to tell Charlie. I was not looking forward to that. He said he may not make it back for the engagement party, and that was alright with me. What I didn’t want to happen was evident. Things between us had started to change. I was saddened, but at the same time, I didn’t know what to do to keep my best friend. Raj’s last words, ‘I will be your best friend.’ Sweet sentiment. But Raj and I as best friends? Not sure we’ll ever get to that. Maybe.

“You ready for this?”

I smiled at Raj. “Won’t put it off for the world,” I replied. He kissed my cheek as he held me from behind. I leaned into him and looked at us in the full-length mirror.

“You look stunning, my love.”

“Most beautiful couple here tonight,” I replied as I turned to him, looking into his beautiful brown eyes. My eyes filling up with tears.

“You’re such a softy. No tears Autumn, this is a happy day.”

“I am happy.” I sniffle, trying to dab away the tears with the tissue Raj gave me.

“I’m going to carry a pack just for you. Don’t ruin your make up before we even take pictures. I told mom the engagement should take place early in the evening, and I was right.”

I laughed and continued to dab as we walked out of our room and into the hall.

“Are you ready, Autumn Alisa George?”

“Yes, I am Raja Arjun Arya.”

“Soon, you’ll be triple-A.”

I smiled and shook my head as we descended the stair and walked to the living room where all of the close family in the tri-state had gathered. Everyone looked at us and nodded. Riya walked right up to us and grabbed my hand and squeezed.

“I see Raja was right. You started crying, and you didn’t even come downstairs. You’re going to make everyone think he’s a terrible man,” Riya chided.

“Then, the other women won’t want him. All part of the plan, Riya.”

She laughed. “What a smart woman? And call me mom.” The tears rolled again. “Ladakee paagal hai.” She mumbled. “Okay, everyone, Panditji, let’s start before my soon to be daughter-in-law turns into a puddle.”

I smiled, and everyone chuckled. Raj had walked away to speak with his dad but came back to walk me to where we would be sitting. “Mom, what did you say to her?”

“I told her to call me mom, absolutely paagal.”

“When Autumn brought Raj to meet me, I asked if he was sure he wants such a sentimental woman. I told him she broke into tears at the drop of a hat. He said he would walk with a pack of tissues for her.”

Raj waved the tissues. The family cheered as I looked up to see my mom blow a kiss. I smiled, and of course, I shed more tears.

Raj replied to my mom. “Mom, why mention it, the waterworks are going to keep going.”

Raj called my mom, mom from our third date, and she told me he was a keeper. He was. I couldn’t help but smile as a few more tears fell. I took a deep breath and tried to contain them. I couldn’t wait for the words to be said and the party to start. I would be less sentimental dancing with Raj and his family.

Would you believe at the moment I begin to promise Raj a wedding ceremony and a blissful married life, Charlie walks through the door. I glanced at my mom when he walked up behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder. She looked to see him and placed a hand over his while dabbing at the tears in her eyes.

He was here. It only took a glance to see that he wasn’t happy that I was making this commitment to Raj. I was unwavering as I gave my vow. After Raj said his we exchanged rings. We hugged, and everyone cheered. I looked at Charlie. He was not happy at all, his face set, teeth clenched. I just said a silent prayer that he wouldn’t do anything to destroy my relationship with the Arya family. I knew Raj would stand with me, but creating a rift between him and his family wasn’t something he could withstand.

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Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Only a few more to go before I end this story. Make sure you check back next week for the next chapter.

Until next week.

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