Chapter 10: Loving Autumn

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I hope everyone has had a great week.

Today I wrote Chapter 10, and I couldn’t just end the story there, so next week will be the last story or blog I’m writing for a while, or at least that’s the plan. I am working on healing my body from hyperthyroidism. I’ve been dealing with it for years now, and it’s finally taking its toll. I haven’t heard anything beneficial from the doctors other than the same thing I’ve listened to for years. My options are to kill my thyroid or have it removed. Either way, I take medication for the rest of my life. I’m tired a lot due to the drug. No telling what other effects it’s having.

Anyway. I just need some time to get myself together. Not to mention, I need to work on my novel. I have a lot of ideas, but my time is limited, and I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my blog and planning instead of my novel. So I’m going to switch gears for a little while.

Chapter 10

The last few weeks have been warm and bubbly. I’ve spent a lot of time with Raj and his family. We’ve been planning our wedding, which was coming up quickly. Six months seemed to be far away, but the time was creeping closer.

We sent out the invitations, and I had chosen the style and material for all of my dresses. My only worry was that I was starting to see in changes in my body. Yes, I was pregnant. Raj and his family were so excited.

“Autumn, you need to get moving.”

“I’m dressed.”

“If you had moved all of your stuff, you wouldn’t have to go home to get dressed.”

“I know I need to pack and move.”

“I told you I would hire someone to do it for you. You just need to supervise.”

“Next week. When we get home, I’m going to hold you so that and set up the appointment.”

I grab my bag, and we head to the car. Raj drops me at the train station before he heads into the city. My mind is running with all the things on my plate right now. I need to go home and change before I head into the office. If we left earlier, or if I were ready sooner, Raj would have dropped me to the apartment.

I run up the stairs of the building and get the elevator. As I walk into my apartment, I’m greeted by Charlie sprawled on my couch, his laptop, and a box of pizza on my expensive table. Unbelieveable. I so want to slam the door and wake him up to kick him out, but I don’t have time for this.

I slam the door anyway as I drop my bag and walk briskly to my bathroom closet. I know I wake him up because he yells, ‘what the fuck,’ and then I hear Charlie fall on the floor. I’m past him, not even looking back.


I keep moving and am already in my bathroom. “Get out, Charlie.”

“I have nowhere else to go. I’ll be out soon. I have another job in a few weeks.”

“I’m giving up the apartment. Take it up with the owner.”

“Can I keep the furniture? My last apartment was furnished.”

“I don’t have time, Charlie. I need to get to work.” I’m undressed and sliding on my skirt when he barges into my closet. “Don’t you fucking knock?”

“You didn’t have a problem with it before.”

“Things have changed as if you didn’t know.”

“I’ve noticed, but I figured after my performance, you’d be back at your apartment. So after my last job, I’ve waited here.”

I pause in the middle of sliding on my blouse. Did he just say, ‘after his last performance’? That’s not possible. Still, I don’t have time for this; I finish dressing and walk past him.

“You’re not going to say anything?”

“Oh, I have a lot to say, but you don’t want to hear it. And I need to get to the office.”

“You can be late.” He grabs my arm. The look I give him as I turn makes him let go. “Guess I shouldn’t have done that.”

I was trying not to get all emotional, but my head was swimming. He did it on purpose. You think someone loves you, and then they do something that lets you know they are only interested in themselves. They’ll try to tell you it was a mistake that they didn’t mean it. But they did. This is who they are.

“I can’t fuckin’ believe that you did that on purpose. You thought they would call off the engagement, and I’d be right back in your arms. Un-fuckin’ believable. Charlie, that was some selfish shit.”

“I know, but I didn’t know what else to do. I was losing you.”

“I was never yours. We were friends. Then we were lovers, but we were never together. We were never a couple. You don’t want commitments or children, remember? You want your freedom. So keep it and leave me the fuck alone. We aren’t friends; we aren’t anything. And I suggest you take your shit and find someplace else to squat. When I come back at the end of the week, I don’t want to see you here.”

I don’t even look at him as I say that I don’t want to see him. I leave as the tears start to roll, slamming the door behind me. I am heartbroken. Charlie has been my best friend for over a decade, and he did that to me. I can’t deal with people right now. I uber to work. I never uber to work, but in this instance, I need the time as alone as possible.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed the next installment of Loving Autumn. I will work on getting the rest of the chapters up as soon as possible. I wanted to end it here but it seems that’s not happening. So I’ll see how the next chapter goes. Still, I already know that Charlie isn’t going to leave without a fight. Stay tuned to see what happens.

‘Til next time.

Peace & Love

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