We Should All Have The Same Rights!

This will be really brief. Or at least that is my initial intention.

Peace and Love to everyone who reads my blog. I haven’t written in a while and I probably should have. But spilt milk and all.

Here in New York we’ve been locked down for over 10 weeks now. And amidst the challenges of the corona virus is the constant issue of racism. I’ve sat and watched video after video of the protests and what people have to say. No, I didn’t watch the video of George Floyd being murdered by the police. I couldn’t. It would have torn me apart. As it is, I just watch police attack and brutally beat peaceful protestors. Videos that were not online and I couldn’t find them on youtube. To be honest, I probably didn’t search that hard.

As an African American in this country I am constantly bombarded with America’s hate of us. Oh yes, we create the fashion trends, trends set by people of color but for anything else, we are a reminder to America that the ideals they believe are a lie. Why else would you chose to continue to subjugate and murder a nationality of people. Well, I can think of one more thing, money. This country still benefits from us on so many levels.

I’m not here to convince you. There are plenty of people for that. There is one video that makes so much sense to me. The young lady breaks down the general idea behind why as a black person in this country, we are still fighting for our rights promised by the Constitution. We are still second class citizens in the land of the free, where everyone is supposed to be equal. Everything blacks have fought for, others have benefited but we still fight. And police officers and whites still continue to abuse and kill us for no reason at all, with little or no consequenes. For those of you about to say what about black on black crime. What about it? There is white on white crime, spanish on spanish crime, Indian on Indian crime. Must I go on, or do you get the point. Human beings aren’t all wonderful and that goes for every nationality.


So when this passes and the protest aren’t covered in the news, remember that we must continue to fight. Many people on social media have posted ways to help. Please do so.

As for me, the scars of living as a black person in the country are constantly ripped open, when they haven’t yet healed. We press on.

Peace & Love

I’ll write again in the summer. Subscribe and stay tuned.

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Like so many women I wear different hats. Sometimes all at once, sometimes one after another. I'm a mother, teacher, daughter, sister, friend and writer. That doesn't include my love to create things. I love working with my hands to crochet, draw, mix natural products and the list goes on. This blog is an extension of that love. Join me and see how I Live Love Create.

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