Just Add Montage

     “Shy, you never explained how we could afford this place.”
“You’re right, Jenn.” I was annoyed. Jenn had asked me questions about Jay every chance she got. She knocked on the door interrupting our love making. A over an hour or so later she banged on the door and woke me up. I didn’t want to explain anything right then, I wanted to be alone with Jay. I know I had been with him a lot, but we were usually like that. Since his schedule was so demanding, when he was around we were attached. Now she wanted to know about the hotel. Why hadn’t I just told her before?
We had save up for vacation to Maui. Still it was not enough to stay at the Montage Kapalua Bay. It was out of our price range. What took the cake was I told her to save her money for our excursions on the island and wouldn’t let her chip in for the room. Plus I didn’t explain. I was pretty sure she started putting pieces of the puzzle together and wanted me to corroborate her ideas.
We shared a limousine to the hotel. The view on the way up was breathtaking. The picture of the hotel didn’t do it justice. Once we arrived I got out of the car with Jay and left Jenny with Ano to go check in. Everything was ready for us, Jay just had to show ID and pick up our keys. Odd, I thought. Shouldn’t someone have done that and be waiting here for us. Maybe not.
“Shy, you need to tell Jenn.”
“Jay, I will tell her when we get to our room.” He just gave me this look.
I should have told her before we left. I didn’t make time. I was trying to finish a project at work before I left. I didn’t think the taxi ride to the airport was the best time. The airport lounge was too public. Soon I won’t have a choice. I wasn’t sharing a room with Jenn. As it was, Jay, wanted me in his room so that he could come to me when he finished filming. The idea of knocking on the door to the room I was sharing with Jenn wasn’t acceptable for him. At least the rooms are adjoining. Well, that’s what I thought. I didn’t make the reservations, Ano did. He was Jay’s assistant and best friend.
“Jenn, here’s your room key. We are all on the same floor. Someone will bring our bags.”
“Really? I wonder how that happened? I wasn’t expecting all this special treatment.” I couldn’t say a word. I knew how. Jenn watched us the entire time.
When we arrived on our floor, I walked out of the elevator first, Jenn followed. I had been looking forward to this trip for weeks and now I was so anxious. Was Jenn even gonna speak to me after this? Again, I didn’t say anything.
“Shy, I’ll open the door for you.” I stepped aside and let Jay open the door with his key. Jennifer looked at me and raised her left brow.
“I hope you ladies like our suite.” Jay held the door for us to go in and then followed after Ano. “Jenn, your room is right here, Ano was suppose to get the other master bedroom but he said since this was your first time here you could have it. If you don’t like it Ano can switch with you. Shy and I are in the other master. You have your own bathroom and there is a door that leads to the lanai. I promise Shy and I won’t use it too often.” Jay winked at me as he said that, and I could have sworn I saw daggers shot out of Jenn’s eyes at me. Jay walked over to me and kissed me quickly before heading to the door. “We’re having dinner with my parents tonight. I have to get to set before they send someone looking for me. I’m pretty sure you and Jenn have a lot to talk about. I probably won’t see you guys until dinner. Someone will come around seven to bring you down to the dinning room.” And with that Jay and Ano left.
Jenn disappeared into her room for a little while. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I was here in Hawaii with my love and my best friend. I hoped that me keeping my secret didn’t make it a horrible trip.
When she came out of the room I didn’t look at Jenn. I couldn’t imagine the look on her face. I walked over to the kitchen, purposely ignoring her. The refrigerator was stocked. I thought that was cool as I grabbed a bottle of water. Jenn had walked over to the breakfast bar and sat on a stool. By the time I turned around she was comfortable with her chin resting on her hands.
“Before I go off on you, I love the room. This place is awesome and I’m glad you thought to bring me. Also, Ano is cute and sweet. I like him. I’m actually glad I sat with him on the plane ride. No doubt you want me to hook up with him.” I turned and winked at her as I unscrewed the cap to the bottle of water.
“That being said, really, Shy?” I started drinking. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. Shyenne, aren’t you going to say anything.?” I kept drinking. “Oh my gosh. Here you had me thinking that you just picked up this guy at the airport. I was feeling bad for you, figuring Mark had really done a number on you. You’re such a bitch. You could have told me.”
There was no way I was going to defend myself or expand on her guesses. I knew I was done and once Jenn figured out my secret she wouldn’t let me talk anyway before she finished spilling my beans.
“So all those times you said you wanted to be alone you were with, Jay?” I nodded.       “Glad you weren’t alone. I was starting to get worried about the amount of time you were spending alone. After what I saw today I was really going to sit you down and have a talk with you. I thought you were being a slut, screwing that guy in the bathroom. I was totally shocked when he sat with you on the plane. Of course I figured he wanted to get all he could. I know you joined the mile high club.” I winked again. “I can’t believe you. You kept it from me for how long? How long have you been seeing him?”
“Eight months, two weeks and three days.”
“Wait, didn’t you break up with Mark, like ten months ago.”
“Okay nine months, two weeks and three days.”
“Oh, my God. You barely waited. I want details.”
“What can I possible tell you?”
“Shy, at least tell me how you met.” Just then there was a knock at the door before it opened.
“Excuse me, we have your luggage.” Great I thought, the short reprieve I needed. What do I tell her?


Hope you’re enjoying ‘Just Add’. Stay tuned for the next installment.

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Like so many women I wear different hats. Sometimes all at once, sometimes one after another. I'm a mother, teacher, daughter, sister, friend and writer. That doesn't include my love to create things. I love working with my hands to crochet, draw, mix natural products and the list goes on. This blog is an extension of that love. Join me and see how I Live Love Create.

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