Let’s Check In

OMG! It feels like forever since I’ve written here. I don’t even remember my last post. I hope everyone is doing well or better now. I couldn’t bring myself to write here when everything hit the fan. Now I’m back. So, 2020 WTF? What took place in 2020 was unfathomable by this generation I think….

Countdown to War 9

Peace and Love Everyone! Hope you’ve had a great week so far. Mine has been okay. My work days have really tired me out. We’re close now. A couple more weeks and War will be out for us to see. I’m truly looking forward to it. This week I’ve watch 3 Tiger Shroff movies. I…

Fame Fan Fiction

Peace and Love Everyone! Hope you are well this week and I wish you a fabulous week as we leave one behind and head into another. Today I bring to you my fan fiction short story for FAME that I wrote in Junior high school. It was one of my absolute favorite TV shows. As…

3 Movies in a Weekend Review

So far an interesting and fun movie weekend. Peace and Love Everyone! I hope you’ve been having a great week. The weather is getting warmer and the blossoms are blooming. Since there are three movies let me just get to it. 1st up…… Okay…So first let me say I saw the original Hellboy in 2004…


Peace & Love everyone! Been having trouble keeping up with the page so I’m taking a couple of weeks to refocus my purpose for starting this blog. Talk to you then.

Breathing Life into ‘MOON’

Hello Everyone😃 It’s been a hectic two weeks! I hope you’ve all been well. You may not know it, but I’ve been writing for a while now. As a teenager I wrote short stories and poems. When I started writing again after many years I wrote a novel ‘Moon’ that I never published. My first…

Crimson…..coming soon

Sorry, I’m totally off schedule today. With all the excitement of my baby girl’s 12th birthday I neglected to post your last sneak prank of Crimson Awakening. We’re celebrating so I will post tonight at 10:15pm. Check back then

Just Add Montage

Shy and I are in the other master. You have your own bathroom and there is a door that leads to the lanai. I promise Shy and I won’t use it too often.” Jay winked at me as he said that, and I could have sworn I saw daggers shot out of Jenn’s eyes at me

Happy New Year

Wanted to wish everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year…… Working on new ideas for my page.

New Year to Live Love & Create!

Happy New Year! We’ve made it to 2017. Well, many of us. 2016 was a rough one for some of us. We leave behind many that were near and or dear to us. I am still upset of the death of my favorite musician. If you follow me on Facebook you know, I love Prince….