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Peace and Love Everyone!

Hope you are well this week and I wish you a fabulous week as we leave one behind and head into another.

Today I bring to you my fan fiction short story for FAME that I wrote in Junior high school. It was one of my absolute favorite TV shows. As I read it to type for you and make corrections I had to laugh. I was in no way the author I am today. It was also before I had experienced life. It’s evident. Something that I noticed also that I still practice today, I use a lot of dialogue to move the story forward. It seems that I always have.

I bring to you chapter 1 of ‘Someone to Lean On’ and hope you enjoy. I tried to improve the story without messing with its innocents. Not an easy task.

Chapter 1

Allegra stood in the hallway threshold between the bedrooms and the living room watching her mom. She twisted and pulled at her disheveled curls. She sighs. ”Mama we’ve got to talk.”

“Oh, what about Allegra.” Her mom, Essie, motioned for her to sit beside her on the couch.

Allegra hesitated, strolling toward her mother. “Pablo and Daddy. Pablo, first.”

“Well, I’m listening.”

Allegra took a deep breath, sat down, and turned towards her mother. “I’m now sixteen, and well, I’ve been studying with Pablo for almost six months. We’ve become more than good friends. Mama, I want to go out with him. He’s asked me.”

“Really?” Essie looked at Allegra, who nodded. “So go out, have fun. But baby, what does that have to do with your father?”

“Mama, for the past two years, I’ve been afraid to tell you,” she replies, sounding anxious

“Tell me what child? Speak up.”

“Mama, at least once every week, sometimes more; father comes into my room and he…he touches me. Then he, he….” Allegra begins to cry.

Essie doesn’t know quite how to take this news. She’s saddened and angry all at once. She embraces Allegra. “Mi pobre hijita. Porque no me dijieste?” Tears welled up in Essie’s eyes.

“Father said you would disown me. That you would hate me.”

“No, querida. I will talk to your father. Did Pablo ask to see you tonight?”


“Y, dije.”

“Respondi nada.”

“Oh, no bien. Ve a llamarlo.”

“Si Mama, Garcias.”

“De nada, Allegra.”

Allegra wiped the tears from her eyes as she walked into the kitchen to call him. “Hola, puedo hablar con Pablo, por favor.”

“Si, hola Allegra. Cual es respuesta.”

“Si, que hora.”

“En una hora, ya es tarde.”

“Esta bien, luego.”

“Te quiero.”

“Ditto.” Allegra sat on her bed for a moment. She was so happy she wanted to live in the moment. She was nervous; it felt like her gut had ladybugs crawling all around. After a minute or two, she called her mom. “He’s picking me up in an hour.”


“Yes, very.”

“I’m glad. Pero, dije mi hijita, you and Pablo son mas que amigos, no?”

“I can’t lie to you, yes, mama. We’ve do more than just study.”

“Then why haven’t you gone out before?”

“I, I, well.” Allegra walked into the hallway and leaned on the end of the wall. “Father thought we just studied. I didn’t want him to. Well, he made me promise that I wouldn’t date Pablo. He said if I did, he would force me to have…sex with him again. I didn’t want that, so I kept turning down Pablo’s offers. Mom, I felt so dirty after he…he. Oh, God, mom.”

“It’s okay. Mark won’t hurt you anymore. Now get ready. We’ll talk later.”

“Si, mama.”

Some time later…

“Allegra, your date is here.”

“Si, mama, coming…..Pablo, hi.”

“Hola Alle, you look beautiful.”

“Thank you. Vamanos”

“Vuelve al las doce.”

“I’ll have her back safe and sound.”

“Great. Have fun.”

“Donde quieres ir, Pablo?”

“Yo no se, ah movies.”

“Sure, let’s go.”

Pablo Rosado Rosas was a hell of a catch; he had always been the most desired boy at Los Angeles High School. He had been one of the richest boys there. Most of the girls also thought that he was the most handsome. He had graduated from high school and worked with his father running the Paradise Hotel.

Allegra didn’t think Pablo was like most guys. To her, he was a sweetheart and considerate, understanding gentleman.

“The movie was great.”

“Yeah, but I can’t believe we saw the whole thing.”

“Pablo, are you disappointed?”

“No, we’re home early. We’ve got plenty of time.” He began nibbling on her ear, then her neck.”

“Pablo!” Allegra shouted. When he looked at her, she calmed down and said quietly, “we need to talk.”

“About what? We’re going great.”

“I know, but after what I tell you you won’t think it’s so great.”

“Alle, what wrong? Why are your eyes full of tears? Alle, what’s wrong?”

“Pablo, I asked you last month what should my friend do if her father was or had sexually abused her. You said to tell her mom.”

“Yeah, what about her?”

“I told my mama.” As she watched Pablo for a reaction, Allegra began to cry. She saw his look of love and happiness fade. She wasn’t sure what the look on his face meant. He had never looked at her that way.

“Oh. God help us. You were talking about you?”

“Yes. Do you still love me?”

“Yes, I love you, Alle.” Pablo reached over and embraced Allegra.

“Please don’t leave me.”

“I won’t, baby. I’ll be there for you.” For a while, there was silence between the two of them as Allegra rested her head on Pablo’s chest.

“Alle, all those times we studied you never wore the shorts that hung over the bed. Was it because you didn’t want me to know?”

“Yes, I was afraid you would see the bruises on my thighs.”

“I would never leave you. Not now. Can I see the bruises?” Allegra raised her skirt.

“Some have faded. Others, well, they’ve never gone away.”

“Any other bruises?”

“No, most of the bruises have healed. I’m glad Mark, hasn’t bothered me in over a month. Mama’s been in a good mood if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I’m glad you told me. I haven’t met your father. Is he one of us?”

“He’s not my real father, and partly. He’s mixed, his father was white, and his mother is Mexican. I met them once; grandfather is strange. He kept saying, ‘my Allegra, you’ve blossomed. Have you noticed Mark?’ That was so weird, over and over. That’s when dad changed. After we returned from Mexico.”

“That’s where you met your cousin Jesse.”

“Yes, that’s my real dad’s sister’s son. At first, I thought Jesse was just another guy, but Aunt Maria explained. He’s in New York now.”

“Yeah, you told me. Allegra, listen, at night I will come to stay with you. Make sure you’re okay. Do you mind?”

“No, I would feel safer with you.”

“Starting tonight, I’ll drop you off, then about an hour after I’ll come in your room window.”

“Okay, let’s not talk any more,” she replied as she kissed him.

“I see you’re feeling better.”



“Mark, I want to talk to you.”

“Me too. Where the hell is Allegra?”


“With who? Not that rich kid, I hope. She promised me.”

“Well, I told her to go. She told me, Mark. What you did to her, she told me.”

“Told you what? That she seduced me. You’re daughter’s a slut.”

“For almost two years, Mark? My God, your daughter.”

“She’s not mine. I married you when the kid was five. You were a widow, so I raised her.”

“You raised her? You were never home, hijo de grande puta. You perverse old bastard.” Essie watched him closely. Her mind was racing with questions but her words were short. “She looked to you like a father, and what have you done to her? She’s so ashamed. For something that’s not her fault.”

“Yes, it is. She’s a slut just like her mama. Don’t forget how I found you.”

“Get out of my father’s house. You’re a disgrace. Get out.” Essie never yelled, but now she couldn’t control herself.

“Oh shut up and calm down. I work to support this family. You don’t do shit. I pay the bills here. So calm down and shut up.”

“I will not. How, dear you.”

“I said, shut up.” Mark struck her.

He had never hit her before. Pushed, grabbed and twisted her arm, but never struck. When he went into the bedroom and slammed the door, she was grateful.


“Pablo, que hora es?”

“Oh, Allegra, not now. I, oh.”

“Que hora es?”

Pablo looked at his watch. “Quarter to twelve,” he sighed.

“I enjoy being with you but, I wish it didn’t happen in the back seat of your convertible.”

“True. Sorry about that, bad taste isn’t it? Next time my house. I have a water bed.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“Yeah, get dressed.”

“Pablo, I wish you were my first.”

“I am.”


“Abuse doesn’t count. You didn’t want your so-called father, but you wanted me.”

“Oh, you’re wonderful,” she replied, hugging him.

“I know.” He looked at her and smiled. “Now, get dressed.”

“Pablo, where are my panties.”

“Here, oops.”

“What is it?” Allegra asked as she took the panty from him. “Pablo!”

“Sorry about the strap.”

“I can’t wear this.”

“Why not, it will cover part of you.”

“It’ll fall off.”

“That’s what you get for wearing bikini underwear.”

“I don’t have anymore. Every time we make out, you pop the strap.”

“Sorry, really sorry.”

“Fine, I hope my dress doesn’t blow up. Let’s go.”

“I love you, Allegra,” said Pablo as he walked Allegra to her door.

“I love you too, babe. See you in an hour.”

“Yeah. Leave the window open in case you fall asleep.”

“Okay, goodnight.” They kissed each other, and Pablo returned to the car.”

“Mama, I’m home. Mama.”

“I’m in the kitchen.”

“Hi mama, I had a great time.”

“Muy bien, bambina.”

“Well, I’m going in. Buenos Noches.” She reached over and kissed her mother’s cheek. Her mom hadn’t turned to face her.

“Mama, why are you crying?” Her mom finally turned toward her.

“Mama, what happened? Why did father hit you? Did you talk to him about me? He knows I went out with Pablo.” The questions just kept coming. She hadn’t even given her mother a chance to answer. “Maybe I shouldn’t see him anymore.”

“No, Alle, you keep seeing him, if you want to. He’s a nice boy. He will treat you well and your children.”

“But mama.”

“No, you will see him. Now off to bed.”

“Buenos noches y gracias.” Allegra hugged her mom.

She entered her bedroom and undressed. Then she unlocked the window and climbed into bed. She turned on the radio; Spring Love was playing.

She loved that song. It made her think of how she and Pablo first started to like each other.

A few minutes later, the window opened, and Pablo’s head appeared, then the rest of him. He wore a cut off and baggy pants.

“You’re half an hour early.”

“I couldn’t wait.”Pablo took off his pants and shirt and laid them over the footboard before climbing into the bed. He felt her warm body pressed against him. “You’re not wearing anything.”

“I know I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, easier to get to you.” He began kissing her neck, caressing her thighs and breast. It was as though he couldn’t get enough of her.

“I always feel so safe when you’re around. I love you, Pablo.”

“I love you too. Don’t say another word. Love me.”

For the next two months, the two went out after school. Pablo helped her with her homework before bringing her home. After work, he would stay with her through the night. Allegra didn’t think her father knew about it, but he did.

Stay tuned to find out what happens. And let me know what you’re think.

Peace & Love.

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