From Bullet Journal to Traveler’s Notebook

Peace & Love Everyone.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I started my bullet journal or BJ in January of this year with the hopes of getting more organize and focused. I’m happy to say I’m still using it, which wasn’t the case for my prior pre-printed organizer. I didn’t make it more then 3 months in that large book.

My BJ is something I take with me almost everywhere this year. I designed the pages myself and wrote my thoughts and focus for the month. It was a great feeling. I transitioned from 1 set up to another trying to find a set up that fit me as well as makes it easier to use so that I would continue to do so.

I did have 1 problem with bullet journaling. I still felt a little too restricted. At times there wasn’t enough space to write. I wanted to track my bills and spending but I wanted to see it laid out together, not flipping month to month. How do I use multiple books and travel with them everyday?

So I started looking for something. I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for. I just knew I needed to expand to include my writing, and my job. I didn’t want to take up all the pages in my BJ with lesson plans, short stories or poems. Since the BJ was helping me to organize, I wanted to organize other aspects of my life.

So, I went on YouTube and I googled. I found out about the traveler’s notebook or TN.

This is the front and back of mine

The TN keeps all kinds of things. It can hold several small notebooks at a time, cards, images, yours to create. I thought it was really cool. So I went online and order a Naya TN. It was made in Australia and a pre-order. I wait for what seemed like forever before it came. Since it took a month to be made (pre-order) I deciding not wait any longer, I order the 1 above from Etsy. It’s literally a clear plastic cover with sequins sewn in. I bought a clear plastic page called a dashcard to hold the image I got from a blog Plan with Shan. I’m still setting up my Naya TN so I’ll show you next time.

I was so excited to use my new TN I tore my second journal apart to fit it in. Totally nuts, but that’s how excited I was to use it and the journal was too clumsy and heavy to just stick in the TN with other notebooks. I also created a few book marks for my TN as well as purchased magnetic bookmarks. The little planner die cut is so cute, I got that from Etsy also.

A lot of the supplies I used on my BJ I still use now. The washi tape and stencils, markers and pens are great tools either way. I’ve also found a lot of new supplies on Etsy. I’ve been going sticker crazy even though my present set up doesn’t really need them. Etsy has a host of choices for BJ and TN accessories and you’re supporting an artist when you purchase from their pages.

Those of you who journal know that it is a work in progress to find what suits you. So I suspect that between now and October there may be some significant changes to my TN. Especially since I set up my months ahead of time when I was out of town and didn’t have my new stickers to use.

I’ll keep you posted with my updates and changes. If you’d like to see my favorites on Etsy you can follow me @Qetti.

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