Facial Routine Update

Peace & Love Everyone!

This blog is quick. I wanted to update you on how I’ve changed my facial routine.

I’ve blogged 2x about the products I put on my face and since the last time I blog about my routine I added a few things. As I research and come across new ideas I experiment to see what works well.

Now that it’s winter it’s especially important to take care of your skin. The winter can really be terrible to it. Making sure to stay hydrated is 1 way to keep your skin looking beautifully soft and moisturized. 

I’ve added 2 things to my routine. One of them is the yogurt mask that I wrote about a few weeks ago. The only difference now, I add a small amount of honey to the yogurt. Honey is great for adding moisture to your skin. It’s one of the ingredients in my shower gel. I found that adding a small amount to the yogurt helped make my skin look more hydrated and full. And of course it was very tasty😁 They say if you can’t eat it you shouldn’t put it on your skin. No, I don’t know who they are but I think the saying makes sense. 

The second add is the coconut oil wash. This is so simple and easy. Coconut oil is used for so many things and it’s good for your skin. So I found a recipe that mixes a few drops of lavender essential oil and coconut oil together. You use this on your face and wash it off with very warm water. You can also put a hot towel on your face for a few minutes before you wipe off the oil. You don’t need to use anything else to wash your face. It leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. I used the coconut oil and lavender every night. But, sometimes I wash my face with the coconut oil and my homemade cleanser.

So far I’m loving how they feel on my face and how they look after. 

If you try any of my recipes let me know how they worked for you.

Until next time. Peace & Love

And Yes, Chapter 8 next week.

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Like so many women I wear different hats. Sometimes all at once, sometimes one after another. I'm a mother, teacher, daughter, sister, friend and writer. That doesn't include my love to create things. I love working with my hands to crochet, draw, mix natural products and the list goes on. This blog is an extension of that love. Join me and see how I Live Love Create.

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