Chemical Free Facial Products

If your looking for ‘Just Add’, it will continue next week. While you’re here check out my new homemade facial products.

  Over the last 2 years I have added new products to my chemical free journey. If you’ve read my blogs or watch my YouTube videos, you know about the many chemicals plaguing out personal care products and their effects. For more information please click on the links for videos or prior blog posts.

I’ve changed the products I used for my facial routine and was mostly satisfied with the outcome. My only problem, I always seem to have a problem with the creams as I got older. When I was younger the winter didn’t dry out my skin as much so the creams I used worked wonderfully. Now, that isn’t the case. Once I’m outside all the moisture disappears and my face looks dry. Not to mention, anything natural today carries a hefty price.

With the new face wash and moisturizer that is no longer the case. My face feels soft and looks lovely all day. Once you’ve purchased what you need you won’t have to buy anything else for months. So you’ll get more for your money.

I’ve found 2 recipes that work well. The combination also does wonders for my dermatitis.  The products in the face wash are easy to find and it’s pretty easy to make.  tgWrevgVQOa4jmcQ+w%%4Q All you need is a castile soap, honey, distilled water and a nourishing oil. I used sweet almond oil for the face wash. Rosehip seed oil is also a good one. In this recipe I added more distilled water then in the recipe said to thin out the wash and make it last longer.

I wash my face before I go to sleep with the wash to remove the day’s dirt and just rinse with water in the morning before applying the moisturizer. Click below links for recipes.   face wash nZcGQ6SkTfKB7xtddx80NQ

My next recipe is a moisturizer. It’s awesome. I love how it makes my skin feel after I use it. And even when it’s brutally cold my face doesn’t look ashy or dry.
The essential oils used are geranium, lavender, frankincense

M8EmWyNNQeqyd8Byhy5JIwhhvE2xoLQAOFxNOfNBVPYwand patchouli. Since geranium oil smell is very strong you don’t smell the frankincense or patchouli . I used essential oil and product bottles that were empty to hold my new moisturizer. I just washed them out with very warm water and soap. I keep it in the larger bottle and keep refilling the dropper bottle when it’s empty. The dropper bottle makes it easier to use.

I use the moisturizer 2x a day. After the face wash at night and after the water rinse in the morning.

I now purchase all my essential oils from Mountainrose herbs.

Hope you give the recipes a try.  I’d like to hear your experience with them. If you’d like to see what other recipes I’ve save check out my Pinterest page.

Peace & Love

Check back next week for more of ‘Just Add’.

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