Traveler’s Notebook Update

Peace & Love Everyone! It’s time for my journal/notebook update. The last time I blogged about my journal was August. I had just gotten into a traveler’s notebook (TN) and couldn’t  wait for my NAYA to get here. Several months later I’m settled in and loving my options. Getting organized has never been so colorfulContinue reading “Traveler’s Notebook Update”

Chapter 2:

Peace & Love Everyone! Hope all is well with you all. Welcome back for Chapter 2 of ‘The World of Dreamers’. Hope you enjoyed the 1st chapter. Again comments are welcome. 🔥🔥 This story does contain some mature language and sexual situations🔥🔥 “You dreamed about him again didn’t you?” “Tina, I don’t want to talk aboutContinue reading “Chapter 2:”

The World of Dreamers

Peace & Love Everyone.  I’m here with a new story installment. This short story is Romance/Sci-fy/fantasy.  That just seems to be what I’m writing nowadays. There will be several chapters, although I’m not sure how many.  I will post every other week until the story ends. 🔥🔥 Just so you know, some of the content isContinue reading “The World of Dreamers”